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  1. Dril gave out before me

    Lesson learned, removal lock when machines come in for storage, or tape key inside coin return.
  2. Dril gave out before me

    It is an old USI 3013A. So the T handle on turns a little. It has been one big mess. I did exactly like the video of the guy drilling it in a few seconds, but the bit broke off. So it went downhill from there.
  3. Dril gave out before me

    I had to destroy the T handle and bend up the surrounding. Too much fun for one day!
  4. Dril gave out before me

    Eff the T handle!!!
  5. Dril gave out before me

    Titanium bits that I have already broken about 10. Drilled all the way inside machine and still can't get in. About 2 hoursinto it.
  6. Dril gave out before me

  7. Dril gave out before me

    Okay, Been drilling for a solid hour on a cheap lock. There's almost nothing left of the lock, and I still can't get inside. I followed some YouTube video, and my bit broke off instantly. What gives?
  8. Healthy vending?

    Anyone try Member's Mark freeze dried fruit? Just saw it on Sam's Club website. Packs seem a bit small.
  9. I ordered the blue neon decals for the front glass of my bevmax 4. They sent some generic black vinyl that is wrinkled up and has no writing. I called them and they said they are charging me a restocking fee. I told them hell no you're not charging me. They said they were going to get a supervisor to listen to the call to see what I ordered. They are calling me a liar. Will be contacting the better business Bureau. Such a sorry company. Not the first time I had issues with them.
  10. Healthy vending?

    I cannot give plain M&Ms away for free. It's strange how much markets vary.
  11. Healthy vending?

    I keep getting the same question... " Why don't you put some healthy choices in there?" I then begin to point out my healthy choices. Peanuts, almonds, pistachios, veggie straws, granola bars... Then they look at me like thats new, or not healthy enough for them. What healthy choices are you all putting in the machines, and at what price?
  12. Used car dealership

    I would assume that if the location is near a gas station and restaurants, it might not be great.
  13. Used car dealership

    I have several Bevmax 4 machines in storage, so it wouldn't be an issue. I was thinking about using a Vendo 721 live display though.
  14. Used car dealership

    How many employees would you say the assisted living facility would need to be profitable?
  15. I there such thing as an MDB conversion?

    I have sold a few USI 3014a (MM) machines with the Greenwick mdb module installed, and had no complaints. They run around $130