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My Keys are out of control

I have been using standard cam-locks from suzo happ and others and the keys that came with the machines

as well as masterlock padlocks

now that i am topping over 200 pieces

Now its time to move on and have my own locks and keys made

I dont really have a issue with theft or break-ins a occasional masterlock unlocked but the didnt get past the cam-locks behind it.

i just want to switch to a 1-2 keys make my pull and fill machine times down.

so any suggestions from people who have went with thier own keycode or keys

I have seen so many key companys Laigroup, medco, fort, gematic, venia

i dont want to spend a fortune on super high security because i feel its not needed...

i have not priced venia or medco, but the seem or look expensive.

Cam locks are under a new threat of the 7 pin and 8 pin... type

and the tools are cheap on ebay.


so i wont buy gematic because of this threat

let me know what you think or have done with your locks


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