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Wish me luck

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As many of you know my love for the vending business is rooted in the snack box business. But today I have a full line vending meeting with the largest account I have ever sold. I have been working on this account for the last 4 months.

I have been through the giving away of the brownies, to the first in person meeting, to the meeting that the presentation of the proposal was made. Today is the follow up meeting to the propasal. If an account is not interested they normally will not give you this meeting so my hopes are high as I write this post.

The account has 850 employees, 4 break rooms of which 2 are upstairs. They run 7 days a week and will be a very demanding account, if I land it. At the end of the day I will be very happy or a little diappointed. I have heard many more no's than yes's when selling accounts of this size.

The one thing that will not change is tomorrow I will get up knowing, I am the same person I was the day before and life will go on.

Fingers crossed and here we go!!!

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What type of gross revenue are you estimating on a weekly basis and how many/ what type of machines are you planing on offering?

Good luck!

Accounts like this will have full banks of equipment( snack, cold food, drink, coffee, maybe even a frozen and cup drink) in each break room and probably a few stand alone machines spread out in a few areas. This does not include possible visa coolers, ice makers, condiment stands, microwaves, etc that will probable be a requirment.

An account like this should do 150k or more in gross revenue a year.....

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Well the company we would be replacing was given a chance to rebid. Our bids were very close and the other company had been there for 30 years. The other company claimed they had no knowledge of any problems and asked for 6 months to correct the problems.

We were asked to return in 4 months to see if the other company had actually improved. Now I have the Blackberry calendar marked at 4 months and will try again.Some accounts have taken over 1 year.

Truthfully I was a bit disappointed but have 2 more in the cooker and life goes on. My point is don't ever let a few no's stop you.

Yearly sales at a blue collar account like this one will hit $330,000. If it where an office account yearly sales would be 111,000. You sent so many good luck wishes it just reconfirms my believe in the human race. Thanks to all of you and God Bless.

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