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Gravy location/Pull


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I went to collect from a charity location that i had a double head at for 3 weeks.

As i entered i could see the gum was almost empty and the candy was at half.

The gum head did 42.50 for 3 weeks and the pmm did exactly 10.00

This is a small establishment and no room for a larger unit otherwise id put a rack in here.

Never seen reg gum do 42.50 in 15 days.

The amount of gum sales tells me that there are lots of kids in there.... time for 1.1" toys

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Wow BVW, thats 2 servings of Gravy:)

I'm looking to soon get into bulk vending. Snack and soda just too many problems with machines. You get Toys in there and thats a 6 course meal .

May I ask what is the usual profit from the candy portion ? I know gum is very high profit but I know almost nothing about bulk candy.

Congrats dude on an awesome location.

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im going to attempt to stick a tree stand which was made by oak mfg but discontinued in 2006. Its a small stand the size of your basic 1" pipe stand but it holds a 2" capsule machine on top and 2 small 1" machines on the bottom.

Right now i have 3 tree stands setup with.

2" spounge bob yo yo balls on top, 1" sticky hands on bottom, along with a reg. gumball next to the sticky hands

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