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Its my turn to say hello... =)

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My husband is an active member on this forum hr keep on telling me to post on this forum but I always told him I don't have anything to share with yet. But today is the day... First, I want to thank you all for sharing your knowledge to us newbies. My husband and I learned a lot from this forum. I am not confident on how I speak english because in our country it is just a secondary language though my husband always told me that I do speak good english it took me a while in building my self-confidence. Then finally, I got a chance to close a deal the other day in this mexican restaurant. I can't describe how I feel. Happy, nervous, excited, etc. now I know how my husband felt the first time he go out to find our first location. Though, I didn't get yes from the Mexican restaurant, at least I already break the ice in approaching prospective location. I need to practice more on my spiel. I know that with the guide from this forum we will be successful on this business. Thanks again and have a wonderful day... =)

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