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acme benchmark cranes opinions?

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does anyone run these if so what do you think about them? I have to admit, this is pretty cool :

also some pretty unique features. The price is high compared to other new cranes, but I havent seen them around anywhere just curious if anyone has operated them


Holds at least twice as many prizes as other cranes and the (patent pending) Always Full feature self-adjusts the playfield level to maximize product presentation. The adjustment is invisible to the player!

In attract mode, the crane picks up merchandise and moves it around - merchandise is always "fluffed"! (programmable)

4-axis player control of claw (patent pending) - up/down - left/right - backward/forward and claw rotation.

Unique Air-Powered Claw (patent pending) using a pneumatic cylinder guaranteed never to wear out! Provides for smooooth and controlled operation!

Stepper Motor operation with lubricated for life ball bearings with no end-of-stroke switches required!

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I have some, inherited them on a route buy. I've got a half a dozen stripped ready to go to the dump. It is impossible to keep the claw power set.

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Acme cranes in their design are good cranes and benchmark is a good company to deal with

i know alot of the older first generation cranes used a air compressor claw. which was a pain to keep set due to loose fittings and lost pressure

before you scrap them Musser

order the new air system and give that a tryout first if they will retro-fit i dont see why they would not.

its kind of like a auto-maker making their first production car like a ford focus 2000 model year...... o.0

but the new air claw series are a better design

and diffrent fittings for air and storage.

there the only crane i have seen that allows the customer to rotate the claw 360 deg

and their auto-fluff system is cool.

and the spring bottom door fill system is good idea if your not going to be there every month to fill

so i would buy one if that says anything and i operate alot of cranes

same story i can share is the 2 benchmark trap doors i just purchased 1 new and 1 used

the new ones main computer was 1.3 hex not a problem... no bugs

the used one had bugs too many prizes given away... trap door was not sensing right... after a winner it would keep triggering a winner sequence

so instead of calling benchmark the owner decided to sell it used.

I bought it used at 1/2 price of new...

Looked at the diffrences 1.0 hex motherboard looked up what they fixed between 1.0 -1.3 hex fixed bug with trap door fixed percentages of payouts...

so i called benchmark monday ordered a new motherboard 1.3 hex and its on its way. the 1.0 hex will be mailed back to them with a provided return box.

$119.00 including shipping.

But if i was the first person who bought the trap door and had issues,

would have called benchmark first before selling

his loss is my gain now..


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Billnuts, thanks for the Benchmark info. The cranes I pulled are pretty beat up so I didn't want to spend much effort! good to know about the new air system. I do like the big opening door very quick to service and clean. The board price is cheap compared to many others too. good info. I still have a few on location that look nice so maybe I'll try to up grade!

I have a few Smart Prize Times, I think they are one of my better cranes, as good as a rainbow but they seem to get more play and are very easy to set.

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