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Have you seen this before?


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This ad was placed on my local craigslist. Has anyone heard of something like this before? My first response is hesitation because not a lot of details are given. What is the product sold? Where do you purchase the product? Is this just a teaser to get you to call and be subject to a high pressure sales pitch?

We call this route a vending route because there is "no selling" required. These 10 stores will be set with a display on a consignment basis. To operate this business all you do is refill the display and the store will pay you cash. Our company has been in business since 1987 distributing several lines of products to convenience stores. We currently are in 12 states and have over 2000 accounts. We recently designed a display consisting of 10 super hot selling items. These items are ALL NATURAL. With recent law changes in TN which banned all our chemical laced competition our products have flown off the shelves. This route of 10 contracted and guaranteed stores contain over $7300 in retail merchandise and 10 displays which you will own. We also find and contract all your customers for you. This is a ready to start turn key business that can be ran in a few hours a month. Additional stores can be purchased at $3000 per 10 so you can build this into a full-time job if you want. Please call or email me if you would like to discuss this route.

Area 51/Camsouth

Rob Atkins


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display rack routes were a big biz op in the 90s dunno if its still around really. prob wouldn't bother.

That's what I first though of when reading the ad info.

There is still at least one guy around here that has a route of pre-packaged snack racks.

The racks have mostly nuts and a few "specialty candies" in small bags, with a couple of other items, too.

If the ad is for what I think it is, I'd stay away.

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I wouldn't ever call anyone selling a business opportunity. MOST of the time, people like that either:

A. Ask too much

B. Are a scam

C. Or sell something that you could just as easily build up in a short period with half the money they are asking for the established business or route.

I would only buy a route from a vendor going out of business or downsizing. People who "create" routes to sell should generally be avoided. You can almost always count on the fact that the locations are less than average.

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