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FS Bulk Toy route in Houston TX.


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I have for sale a bulk vending toy route in Houston TX.

It consists of 20 locations for a total 63 machines in use.

One has 8 heads.

A few locations have 6 heads

Some have 4 heads

Many have 3 heads

Some have 2 heads

and a few have single heads.

I also have another 13 or so in the garage, and a half dozen pipe stands, plus various parts, product and live labels..

For those who know me, you know I use the best machines. I have various Oak, A&A and NW machines. I also have a scattering of lesser brands sitting in the garage (Ashland, Vendesign). I have a 4-column and 2-column sticker machine waiting in the garage too.

I am needing $3000 for all of it. I will not cherry pick the locations. All or none. I have meticulous records, so you can know exactly how much money each location does.

I will sell the spare machines individually tho.

Vista/Po89 300's will go for $25 + $15 shipping.

Vista/Po89 Cabinets will go for $35+$15 shipping.

NWS 60's will go for $40 + $15 shipping.

The 4-col sticker machine will go for $100 but it is powerfully heavy, so I don't know how much shipping will be.

I will even sell you my home-brewed LAMP-based (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) web-based accounting system. You will get the html, and php scripts, and the database instance and the database records of my whole vending career dating back 6+ years.

I'm only asking $3000 because I need to cover the loans that are outstanding on this business. That is the bare minimum that I can take.

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