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China supplier


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He has a legit website

What? Please explain what that means. Most successful crooks have "legit" websites. I'm not sure what you mean.

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So I found a bunch of redemption games for really cheap he has a key master for 2400 bucks brand new he has a lot of other games to I'm just wondering can I trust him the website is www,HomingGame.com he's in china

its not a keymaster its a knock off keymaster...

anyway importing stuff is a pain, you will have to order more than one, most likely, and then u have a ton of

fees. the shipping just covers it to where ever the sea port is. then you have to pay applicable taxes/duties, fees

for customs agent, and then freight forwarding (trucking) to your area, then to pay to have it delivered or

go pick it up. some places i tried to order from said they could only send it to miami which means 500mi

to go pick it up or pay a ton of dough to have it trucked in closer.

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