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Know anyone with vending machines in Utah or Idaho?


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I'm very interested in starting up a vending machine route, but I, like most, don't have 10 or 20 grand to throw down on the table. Instead, I was looking to rent / lease. 


I posted this on craigslist, but it immediately got deleted:




Will pay $100 monthly for machines with minimum monthly sales of $300+.

When I first started, I was looking for a business partner to help cover the costs of investment. People in this position are just too wary about sharing a partnership in a vending route. So, my most recent idea is to lease or rent out located machines and pay monthly plus 20% of profit, but only if sales are greater than $300 monthly. Ideally, sales would be $400 to $800 per month.

People move, get bored, have other things to do, or routes get too large, so they sell them off or give up. I'd love to buy them, but what I can do at this point is rent/lease, or pay for it over time. I just don't have 2 grand up front to buy a located machine.






(I'd service the machine regularly and also pay for inventory).

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If you don't have the money to invest in this business, then you can't afford to be in this business.  Since you want to start up a route, then do it like most people and do it one machine and one location at a time.  Having a full time job while getting your feet wet in vending is the best way to go.  That way you aren't in over your head before you even know if this is really for you.  I seriously doubt anyone would simply turn over locations they have invested their own money into to someone they don't know.  You're really grabbing at straws here.  

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