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Vending machine key hole issue


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Hey everyone, 


This is a first post, so forgive me if something has already been posted on this topic but we're a student club that offers goods (food, pop, coffee) through our vending machines. Today we went to stock them and our key hole (this may be the wrong words, see picture), was offset to the side. I'm having a tough time moving it straight as it seems that all the tumblers require to be set in order for the piece to turn back to the 12 o'clock position. On top of that, I'm not to sure if the protruding piece on top of the key is required to be inside in order to move something so that it can turn. 


Maybe I haven't explored all my options and this is easier than initially thought. I've tried bending paperclips to push them all in but couldn't rotate it..

Any help is much appreciated! 


For some reason the picture came in upside down..


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It looks to me like someone has monkeyed with your lock.  The *** on the edge of your key does have to be inserted into the lock through the 2 lined-up slots which are supposed to be lined up together.  Because your lock is offset, you now need to file the *** off your key so it can be inserted in the position the inner tumblers are at, then you should be able to move the lock back to the locked position or turn it to unlock the machine.  With the *** on the key and the lock working properly, the *** provides a method to ensure the lock is in it's fully home and locked position before you can remove the key.  By filing the *** off of the key, you will forever have to take care that the lock is returned to the home position before you remove the key.  If you're not careful the key will come out in any lock position, possibly leaving the lock right on the verge of unlocking.


You also have a very common lock that is called a "core lock."  The RVG301 number is a factory shipping lock used by Royal Vendors in new machines.  You might want to consider replacing this and any other locks you have with a secure key code that no one else could possibly have.  You can PM me for information.

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