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DN 501e saves up money, then drop two bottels for the next


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One of my DN 501e has suddenly started to save up credit without giving out any product.

The first customer pays for a product, presses the button and nothing happens.

When the next customer pays for a bottel, and select product, the machine gives out two bottels(from the same cloum)


This problem is in colum nr 4 in my machine, the rest of the colums vends right.


Can any one help with this?

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Make sure cam setting hasn't changed...... For bottles I think it is notch 5.....  If the tab gets broke off it will let the outer disk or brown cam turn on its own.  Could also have a worn out rotor. 


The thingy ma jig that the motor inserts into the rotor can get worn out so the rotor won't turn far enough to drop the product. Unplug vendor and reach underneath and move rotor by hand back and forth. Do the same on the columns that work good. If there is excessive play the rotor needs to be replaced


Sorry I am a visual not technical type person....... Thingy ma jig........


Pictures are worth a thousand words....... Photobucket works great for uploading pics...... Thanks Mojorhino photo-thumb-6992.jpg?_r=1377002804

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Yes, as rmorris said, if this is a narrow column it could be a rounded out rotor drive on the front of the rotor, a twisted rotor if you have had jammed products in this column before or you could have it shimmed wrong if you recently changed from cans to bottles in this column.  For bottles, the setup is different for 20 oz bottles and 16 oz water and 16.9 oz soda bottles. 


For 20 oz bottles you must have a bottle shim and no rod/spring assembly in the rotor.  The cam must be set to hole 5 on the front cam, but there are two siamesed holes there and one or the other may work better for you. 


For 16 oz water bottles you will need a can shim and a rod/spring assy located in the middle holes of the rotor ends, putting the spring end of the rod to the back of the rotor.  The cam is then set at hole number 3.


For 16.9 oz soda bottles you will use the bottle shim and a rod/spring assy located in the middle holes of the rotor ends, spring to the rear.  Set the cam to hole number 3.

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