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No, not at all. Sometimes, killer deals are just a click around the corner. Buying used is the best way to start. Being burned is nearly impossible, your handing someone cash for a machine you have looked over, checked, and feel comfortable buying. Whats the risk?


O yes, Blue Sky Offers are all over craigslist. Stay away. Buy the cheap priced, used machines from locals. Best thing to ever happen to newbies was craigslist.  

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 Best thing to ever happen to newbies was craigslist.  

    I could not agree more.  I got my start with practically brand new machines off of craigslist at 1/3 the price.  Craigslist can be risky if you do not take propper safety measures ( Only use cash and in person transactions, Always take a friend and meet in a public place, etc.)  Here are some links I urge everyone to read if you have not done so already about safety and scams on craigslist:  http://www.craigslist.org/about/safety.html


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I have had good luck on both craigslist and e-bay..I have gotten one bad seller on e-bay and ended up with some busted pieces because he eithr se4nt them out broken or did not know how to pack...As for craigslist..I have made one purchase there and..as stated above...you meet the person local..and look over the machines...the one purchase here was a killer deal...

keep your eyes open and buy local where you can see the machines...

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Yahoo, just picked up 8 NW Triple Play and 2 Seaga triples for a total of $150.00, all are in like new condition.

HEH HEH, there go 10 more of my Vendstars out the window.

Geez, I won't be able to sleep tonight.:P

Now there is a perfect example of the great deals you can find on CL, Ebay and your local clasifieds.  Congrats Outlander!
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Wow, this has been one heck of a month for getting deals on equipment.

First I got 26 singles in a mix of NW and Oaks for $150.

Then I got 8 NW Triple Play and 2 Seaga triples for a total of $150.00.

And last night I picked up a full rack with 5 Oak Acorns and 4 Oak capsule towers for $150 and also another rack with 4 Oak classics and 3 Oak capsule towers w/rear expansions for $100. These are older machines, but with a little cleaning and touchup they will be great addition to my fleet.

The deals are out there, just keep

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Well gonna get another great deal today, at least in my view. Trading 5 of my (Vendstar/Ultravend) triples for a 4-column sticker/tattoo machine. Looks like a great deal for both of us as I have about 200 that I don't need and he originally wanted only 1 triple. win/win

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Craigslist has been a gold mine for me over the last year. 

Deal 1 - A garage full of racks, sticker machines, NW 80s, Northern Beavers, interactives, 8 boxes of NW/A&A/Beaver parts, all for $800.

Deal 2 - A van load with 17 tabletops, 6 NW Series 80 Minis, 12 A&A PO89s, 3 NW rack stands, and misc parts all for $580, plus the seller met me halfway to make the deal.

Deal 3 (in progress) - 50-70+ heads (A&A PO89 small/large heads, Oak 300 small/large heads), stands for $10/head.  Final price will depend on how many heads are actually bought.

Don't be afraid to look at different Craigslists within a few hours drive of yourself.  There are always good deals out there, all three of these deals have been or will be at least 2 hour trips to get to the destination.  If you do this, you usually are better off renting a cargo van from Enterprise, most cases it is much cheaper than U-Haul, unless you find a huge deal that may require a 10-15 foot UHaul truck.

Joe, NEPA Vending

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Craigslist is where I was able to pick up my entire business.

64 1800 triples plus extra parts $2000.00 had to travel to Bakersfield CA for these. After picking up with a 17 ft budget truck it worked out to be $43.00 each. 

6 Royal 650 live display soda machines w/ bill validators and coin mechs $750.00 each 

4 2005 AP Studio 2 snack machines w/  golden eye,bill validators and coin mechs $8000.00

4 Saeco 7p plus coffee machines $1000 each (took a hit on these but figured I would be saving money buying all from one place instead of shipping them from four different locations sight unseen) 

1 vending machine dolly and 10 barrel locks with keys 300.00

Picked up all the vending machines by myself from one location with a 24 foot budget truck with a liftgate.

Had to refurb the royals cost of each refurb was about $150.00.  

All in all very good deals to be had on Craigslist with no issues.



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I sort of got burned, but it was my own fault. I bought a bunch of machines off of craigslist. After driving 5 hours to Chicago to look at the machines I decided I didn't want to go home empty-handed after driving all that way. I really didn't like the machines and I bought them anyways.

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