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Good price on loom bands?


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Hey guys,

I'm looking at boxes and boxes of Loom Bands. They are being sold in 5,000pc boxes for $5.50. Breaks down to .0011 per band.


-Is this is a good price considering they are not capped?

-How many are vended per capsule?

I'm not familiar with these things at all but I know they've been talked about a lot.


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I received a sample from Flatline on Monday. They look good. In there sample there are 28 bands included, 1 plastic hook and they are packaged in a small piece of cellophane. Flatline asks $34/250 (Two inch) which comes out to .136 cents per cap before shipping. I think it is safe to say operators can get close to a 50% price reduction if they went the route and filled their own caps. Although is it worth it!?

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I'm selling 1" looms:

5 bands+connector for 220 caps, the other 30 caps contain 25 bands + connector = 250 total

They are on sale right now for $16.00 bag (we are having a moving sale)

Easily sold for .25 cent vend


These are HOT--so unfortunately, I'm oversold...but more coming soon!


I've seen the premade bands in 2" and they seem successful as well...this item is a huge trend right now so you could get great sales selling them in 1" OR 2"..or both!


-Rachel TNT

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