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SNORK ! Candy Crane Fix and funtime


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I saw Shaffer had a used Snork! Candy Machine  

with my favorite words ....  Broken... as-is for parts.


Not Very Cheap  but I took the gamble at $400.00



Plugged it in   and I hear a motor grinding  and a error code...


its complete    but just errors out



got it to the warehouse and the motor that controls the vacuum Snout  UP/ Down was jammed

so I Started to see what was going on


the previous tech,  didn't install the shaft bolts correctly  the were not screwed in all the way so they were binding every spin..


took 10 minutes to fix and  a hour to figure out how to oil, and re attach the snout with better seals



now it works like a champ




This thing looks like a pain to keep going but it looks like its going to make a ton of cash off the kiddies

with all the led lights and spaceship shape

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