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DN501E Shimming Problem


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Hi Yall,


I need some help....My Dixie Narco501E is driving me crazy


I am trying to convert a Narrow Column from Cans to 16.9oz Bottles

(The other 8 Columns were already set up to for 16.9oz bottles and work perfectly)


I ordered the shim and rod from my local DN distributer and installed them.

(Shim on Right Side and Rod in "B"middle)


It is still acting very funny and erratic.


It will vend 6-8 bottles perfectly then go back to No Vend - Drop 2 Bottles (1 after another-half a second a part) - No Vend - Drop 2 Bottles then it will go back to working for 4-5 vends then  go back to the above cycle


The only difference in how this column is set up and all the other columns is the other columns have a thicker metal shim.


Is there 2 different shims - a thin one? and a thicker on?


My local DN distributer assured me the shim they sent me is correct shim - but I still can not get this to work.


I have checked my cams settings and it matches the setting for the other columns


Please Help!!






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Your setup will depend on the actual product you are trying to vend.  For example, Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite are set up one way and Dr. Pepper is set up a different way.  If this is a juice bottle or some other product the setup will vary.  Can you be more specific?

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I think the 16.9 bottle was designed deliberately not to work in vending machines so bottlers could sell them cheep in stores and make vendors buy more expensive 20 packages.

Not all 16.9 bottles are the same size and shape you may need to add something behind the shim or move the rod to a different hole.

If the cam were set to 2 valleys you would see similar symptoms but I am sure you checked that.

I would vend it until it I got to the point that it should have dropped a bottle but did not.

Then vend a working selection until its cam points in the same direction.

Then look at the bottom of the stack.

You need to compare the two columns and determine if the bottle that should have fallen is still in the machine or not.

If the bottle is still there figure out what is stopping it from falling out.

If the bottle is not there it that is because it dropped to soon at the end of the previous vend cycle.

Vend both columns 2 times and compare find out what is holding in the bottle that is working.


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The "thicker" shims as you called them are can shims, the thinner ones are bottle shims.  They get their common designation from the 12 oz and 20 oz bottles that they are primarily designed for, but they can be used for a huge variety of different products.  If all of your other rows have the thicker shims, I would get that same shim for your problem row.  What bottle are you trying to vend?

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Are the 16.9oz. bottles you are using diameter as a can as in the picture below? If so, you would use the same shim & rod settings for vending cans, & would only need to adjust your cam & back spacer settings.


It sounds to me like you have a 20oz. bottle shim rather than one to be used for 16.9oz bottles.


Here is a picture of a 20oz. bottle (thinner) shim on the left & a 12 -16oz. (thicker) can shim & rod on the right


I haven't personally tried 16.9oz. bottles myself due to only selling 12 & 16oz. cans & 20oz. bottles of soda & Gatorade from my machines so far.


Pull the one of the shims out of a column that you are currently vending 16.9oz. bottles from & compare it to your original one along with the one that you ordered. If your 16.9oz bottles are the same diameter as cans then, you might be surprised to find out that you had the correct shim all along.

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