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Dixie Narco 501E & Mars MEI 7512I Coin Changer


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Hey yall


I need some help...I recently installed a New Mars MEI 7512I Coin Changer in my DN 501E.


It is acting very funny...sometimes my coins fall straight through without registering and sometimes it works great.(once you open and close the door a couple times)


So I took out the MEI 7512I and tested it on another machine and it works perfectly...I tested almost $45 dollar worth of change - Perfect no problems.


But when I reinstalled it back on the DN501E it starts acting up again....it don't do it all the time...sometimes I can open the door a couple times and it will work perfectly....but when when I go back and service it and open the door...it will take me 15-20 min of opening and shutting the vending machine door before I can get it to accept coins again.

(when I open the door to see what the LCD screen says...it says OK and displays NO errors)


Everything else works on the machine both bills and credit card reader - it has been a perfect machine until I changed out the coin changer.


I have never had any problems out of this machine ..it has always worked perfectly until I changed out the changer.


I noticed on ebay there is a 24v and a 34 V MEI7512I changer - would that make a difference? I have used MEI 7512I on all my other vending machines and it works perfectly.


Do I need a certain Software version to work with this coin changer? Its a regular MDB coin changer.


Has any one else had this problem?


Please help - I moved the machine on Location today and I have already started having problems.








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There is no difference between the 24v and 34v indications.  If your 501E takes bills properly and vends, it sounds like you simply have a mechanical issue with the coin return lever.  Your E model will have a c/r lever inside the door that pivots down and toward the door when you press the outside c/r button.  The wide flat part of the lever is what presses on the c/r lever of the coin mech.  If the metal lever is protruding out past the plane of the inside face of the main door, the inner door will then push the lever toward the front of the door as you tighten the door down.  This effectively begins to press down on the c/r lever of the coin mech.  Partially pressing that c/m lever down will signal a c/r return condition and cause rejection of all coins.


You will see on the metal lever that there are two screws allowing adjustment in length of the lever.  Loosen both screws and move the wide part up just enough to make if flush with the plane of the door.  Tighten the screws and check operation of the lever when you push the c/r button.  If the lever pushes the c/m arm down and opens the acceptor, as it should, and the metal lever doesn't slip behind the plastic c/m lever, then you are good.  Button it up and test the coin mech. 

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The 7512 gives you messages.... If the coin lever has been stuck the coin mech will display these in the error codes. I think it stores the last 10 events. 




The manual will show you how to read errors. Gives date and time error occurred. 


I believe you press the yellow button  then setup then then A B C....  At that point you can scroll through the errors. When done erase them...

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