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Cleaning a DN 5591 Bottle Drop Machine?


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I recently bought a DN5591 that is pretty dirty inside.

(but works perfectly)


I was wandering if I pulled the shelves out, could you steam clean them without messing up the electronic wiring / springs under each selection under the shelf?


Any advice on cleaning this machine would be helpfull.


Does any one use the Stablizers?  I noticed a couple items hits the glass when it falls. Is that a major concern?

Do they really help slow the fall of the product?




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I posted this response to the different thread titled " Is $500 a good price for a 5591?" by mistake, so here is my repost:


"You can wash the interior of the Bevmax without hurting anything but pressure washing is not recommended as there are fragile parts there. Use a regular hose and soapy water with a stiff brush. Scrub the product slides and around the gates then rinse real well. Dry with some towels and then put a fan on it for a few days to dry it out. Make sure the water gets nowhere near the electronics in the coin mech compartment. You can also hose out the condenser of the cooling unit to remove accumulated dirt. Put another fan on the cooling unit to dry it."


Additionally, the stabilizers are needed to prevent bottle products from tipping against the glass after they hit a lower shelf.  The stabilizer or diving board as it's also called, will deflect the bottom of the bottle away from a shelf that it might otherwise catch on which might then cause it to stop and lean against the glass.  It would be a very good idea to replace any that are missing or broken.  There is a long stabilizer for the D shelf and it can ONLY be installed on the D shelf as it will cause jams if on any other shelf.  The short stabilizer is for the C shelf, but it can also be used on the A and B shelves if needed.


If you need any parts for this send me a PM and I can send whatever you need to complete your machine prep.

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Post a photo let’s see how bad it is.


If I were cleaning one I would remove the white plastic slides the product sits on and wash them in the sink with hot soapy water. And try to clean the rest with 409 in place.


I don’t like to pull the shelves as getting the wires through the holes is hard on the wires.


As for steaming you do not want to get the plastic hot it will distort. Also try to keep solenoid under the shelves dry.


Do not power wash the inside of the machine.  


If the paint is rusted and or yellowed to the point that a repaint is required then pull them.


Can the moderators merge the 2 threads?




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