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coffee proposal


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I am working on a proposal now.  It is actually my first proposal like this (pretty decent coffee account from what I understand).  Here is what I have so far.. I am breaking it down so their accountants can figure out the best deal:


Coffee costs roughly 10 cents per cup.


Cups and lids cost about 12 cents per cup.


Creamer, sugar, and all of that nonsense seems to vary but may be up to 10 cents per cup.


In the end, it may cost THEM up to 32 cents per cup if people use an insulated cup, lid, creamer, and sugar for their coffee serving.  It could be significantly cheaper (ie. 10 cents per cup) for black coffee in their own mug.


Does this sound about right to you guys?  I'm trying to get about 40 cents out of every dollar in this deal.  They might consume up to $200/month in OCS supplies.  It's kind of an educated guess but I have inside information on this account anyway.



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