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AP 7600

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Even though I work on these machine constantly, the ability to make change for a dollar bill can still be confusing.  The logic board has two switches below the Mode Button.  Switch 2 should always be OFF so that the machine will make change as soon as a product is vended.  As for switch 1, the manual is confusing.  In one section they say to have switch 1 set to OFF to pay coins back after a bill has been accepted, and another section says to have switch 1 set to ON in order to accomplish the same thing.  In either case, in order to change a dollar bill the machine must have one selection priced over $1.00.  You can do this with a non-existing selection such as A8 so that the machine knows one selection is set that high.  This will force the bill acceptor to stack the first bill in anticipation of another bill possibly being entered.  By stacking the bill and upon actuating the coin return function, the machine then has to pay the value of the bill out in coins.


If the switch 1 set to OFF doesn't work, then try it turned ON.

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