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Cancelled 2 accounts yesterday!


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Sure.. cancelling/losing honor boxes is pretty common.. but I was more relieved than anything else.


One location is a school.  This school has probably averaged a 35-40% shortage rate for the past 10 months.  Even after note... after note.. after note.. regarding shortages, "someone" or "some people" continued to take snacks without paying.  Coincidentally, it happens more so around holidays (in this case, Thanksgiving.... gee... thanks!).  A few times, the shortage was around 50% or more.  I left a note a few months ago saying something like "The box keeps coming up short.  If it comes up short again, it will be removed."  Of course, the money was good for about 3 rotations!  I get there yesterday and there are 13 pieces missing and $6.65 in the box (should have been $13).  I took that box.  I guess you can say... i taught those teachers a lesson!


The other location was a pet grooming location.  I had two of these franchise places and the other was consistently short.  To make matters worse, there was a competitor's honor box in either location, but I didn't really mind as long as I was profitable.  I go to the second location of the two (I cancelled the other one a few months ago) and they ask me to remove the box.  I politely smiled and said okay!!


I feel as though I was doing both of them a favor.  Oh well, better for me!  They were both out of the way.

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