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Tax day flashback

F J Vending

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I finalized my taxes and filed them away. I was looking through some of my older files and came across my 1995 taxes and documentation for my vending business (my 2nd year) and found Sam's receipts.

Here is a comparison from 20 years ago almost to the day


M&M - 9.87

Skittles - 5.58 (normally 6.58 but local Sam's has $1 off right now)

Hot Tamales - 7.47

Reese's Pieces - 9.68


M&M - 5.86

Skittles - 4.78

Hot Tamales - 5.69

Reese's Pieces - 3.91

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So I had to go back and look to see how big the bags were, first Reese's were $5.91 not $3.91, I blame the fading receipt but probably my eyes are the bigger problem.

In 1995 the bags of Skittles and M&M's I bought from Sam's were 3lb (48 oz) bags, the receipt states "M & M 3LBS" and "SKITTLES 3LB"

So based on this Skittles have only increased .02 per ounce and M&M's have increased .06 per ounce - In 20 years.

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