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One step foward, two steps back lol

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So I got my new refurb cooling deck in my 501e she working like a charm, now trying to find the right shims to vend 16oz bottles, it has shims for three feel cans right now seems like they have to big of lip on them for bottles.

So Im running my route today on my last stop I open my 501e up she's cool but not to cold, I'm like crisp but another word, yep look down and evaporator froze over, dang it, so I stock her and go home cut 12 acres of hay, the go back and check her

The delivery for goo

Both fans running well

Compressor running and fan

No obvious door leaks

Hose connected and in the pan of water

So I guess I will be giving her a dose of juice to help her get along

But it could always be worse oh yea I'm trying to get all my schools back to normal lol

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The one I put the refurb deck in is doing great

It's another machine I had in the feild, that just started freezing over, I Defrost it and got all the ice off now I'm gonna watch it n see if it does it again, the only thing I can think of is it might need freon, the compressor looks like it's never been touched or or any lines be tapped,

Theirs no

Leaks, fans r running, drain hose there,

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