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Cotton Candy Machine Out Of Balance...Ideas?


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I have a vendever cotton candy machine with a spinner head that's out of balance.  The best way to describe it would be, if you've ever loaded up a washing machine unevenly, and it wobbles/makes loud noises while spinning, that's what the spinner head is doing.


The spinner head is the thing where the sugar is dumped into, and spins super fast (it's red on my cotton candy machine, not sure if it's the same color on all models).


Anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?  There's 3 springs sort of like how a washing machine has springs to balance it....should I replace those 3 springs?  Should I just wait till it wears out and replace the whole spinner assembly?


Thanks for reading, hopefully someone can help me out as I'm stuck, lol.

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Does smart have a tech support you can call and talk to?



Yeah, I called before I posted this....James said he'd look into it and give me a call back later in the week.


I'll try cleaning it tomorrow Bill, thanks for the input.

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