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Hey guys, so even though i'm still small (5 locations so far, and about 20 machines waiting to be placed all triple bulk) , i started a business with legalzoom.com. I didn't know if i needed to, but i already did so no worries. Now I have 1 800 accounting offering to basically hold my hand with all the filings, deductions, organizing etc. to get me going and stay legal. 


Thing is they're wanting to charge me like $1,800 to help me through jan 2017 with unlimited consultations, help preparing forms, and phone support etc. Is that a crazy amount for help? They said even that can be written off as a deduction I'm set up as an s-corporation (whether that's right or not) and what they're saying sounds great as far as the over 300 deductions they can help with and paying taxes on time and all that jazz. 


So let me know guys, is this sort of thing necessary? I would normally avoid it since i'm so small and just getting started, but at the same time I don't want to screw up and get fines and miss savings opportunities. 

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