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Just added my first bulk machine


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Well, I just got my first gumball machine set up today. I convinced the owner of the pizza restaurant I manage to let me get a new gumball machine and run it for her.  I already have a 60-1 arcade table in the dining room since last March, so it was easy for me to convince her :)

We currently have a double candy setup by a vending company, with the proceeds going to Jerry's Kids, but I have already asked that they be picked up during their next trip.  They have had the same machines and charity cards for about 10 years, and the person who services them hasn't talked to anyone in our business in years. He just pops in, grabs the money and tops off the candy. When I called to ask them to remove the machines, they didn't even ask why or make any offers. Maybe they wanted to move the machines but didn't want to hurt our feelings :P

I'll take pic of the actual machine in the dining room soon, but in the meantime here is a pic of the model I bought


I stocked it with Double Bubble 1" balls, and mixed in a few black gumballs to redeem for prizes, "A Free Order of Breadsticks" is the prize we chose.

Anyone have the same machine?  Or any suggestions?





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Thanks.  I put about 600 gumballs in so far, and about 6 "Winning" gumballs, all visible.

I actually heard a lady and her daughter getting a gumball as I was putting away the packing materials :P

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That's great, definitely worth throwing a dollar in at a time per visit. Haha it happens quick! When I was at my barber shop last week, I had a line of kids wanting to use my machine and had to wait to service it. When I finally did, I had kids come from outside and they were excited when I opened the machine as if I was going to give them some great gift lol. You'll get hooked quick. I have only been doing it for two months but I already am. 

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