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newbie here from Atlanta Ga


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Welcome to the forum!  You are asking very general questions and you should be able to do searches within the specific sub-forums here to get more detailed information.  There have been thousands of posts asking similar questions so you will find many current and recent threads dealing with startup questions.  Put some time into reading here for a few hours over many days and weeks before you jump in so that you can avoid most of the pitfalls that others have encountered.

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Welcome to the forum, Sloppy!


Hello there from Atlanta.


Don't mess with the north side and we'll be good. ;D



Just getting into business and would love any help on where to purchase best bulk goods, candy sodas etc.


Like AZ said, a lot of this kind of information has been covered on the forum here before, but to sum it up: Sam's Club.



Also are locating services worth it to help start or build?


Nah, they tend to give not so great locations and charge a good bit for it.  I'd say cold call and solicit around your little corner of the city.  Don't bother with the chain-type places if you're gonna do sodas, they've all got a contract nationwide with Coke.  Your best bet will be independent shops.

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