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UTurn Vending machines opinions


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Hello recently i have purchased several uturn candy machines. I had heard a lot of good thigns aout themso i figured i would take a chance now i am starting to read some not so good comments although they dont really specify why they dislike them only that they should not be bought to look elsewhere . Could anyone on here give me some pros or cons on the U--turn vending machines  just so i know what im getting into being new to this thanks !

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I'm here for you if you have any questions. I have figured out a few things to tweek the machines and not have some of the problems that come with them. The coin mechs are not the best depending on where the machine is placed. The handles are very easy to roll unless you have the new coin mech. I noticed they cut the corner off of the inside of the handle to keep them from rolling the handle. I have actually done that with some of mine and I am experimenting with them to see how they hold up. The rubber pieces inside the wheel break off and give huge amounts of candy until you discover what's going on. I used springs off some of my other types of wheels to correct the problem and that actually works. The gumball wheels need risers because the gumballs get cut in half. I am working on an experiment with that too and will let everybody know how that goes after a while. The parts are very expensive when you by them from U turn. Hope this helps you a little bit.

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U-Turns are, without a doubt, one of the most maligned and disliked machines in the industry. They are, in the opinions of many vendors, too complex, too flimsy, and too difficult to warrant whatever novelty the carousel functionality affords. Inflexible in offerings, price points, and configurations means that as a route expands, you will be force to buy more flexible equipment as you expand, as not every location warrants something with as many options or as high-maintenance as a U-Turn. Reliability is almost always in question, parts are always expensive, and service times are considerably longer than that of less complex, more effective equipment.


If you enjoy working harder for less money, then U-Turn is a great machine. If you're in vending as a hobby, and don't intend for it ever to really make any real money, they are fine machines to play around with, if you're into that. If you're in the business for the long haul so to speak though, you will want to invest in flexible, quality equipment (single/double) gear that can later be broken down and turned into racks when and if you choose to go into toys and other larger vending markets. If you ever do choose to sell your business later, a fleet of NW/Oak/Beaver gear is going to be worth exponentially more than a fleet of U-Turns, regardless of quality.


This of course is just my opinion. ;)

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I have U-Turns and don't mind them, although I've never had any other machine LOLOL

The key is making sure to place them in locations where their capacity is justified and making sure you're not refilling with too much candy.  The thing I really like about them, besides their appearance, is that they allow for experimenting with new types of candy without removing your standard sellers.   

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