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servicing a machine


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The really cool thing about this forum is, for the most part there is little or no egos here.  No question is out of bounds.

To answer I would say 1.  Filling the machine 2.  collecting the coin:D 3. If you owe the location a split, giving the location their cut.  4.  Cleaning your machine, and making sure all stickers are there and looking good.  5.  Clean any candy on the ground around the machine.  6. I usually try to make a point to say hi to the manager/owner.  7.  Run a test quarter through and make sure all is OK.

Good luck with your machines!

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do not touch product with bare hands and handle candy first coins last.

also make sure the coin mechs are set to the open position and not turned, because it will mess with the rotation of the tumbler inside the canister and could misvend or give free candy.

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I was putting out the 3oz Dixie cups at some of my stops but I need to get some more. It is a little cheaper to buy a case of the 2oz sauce type cups from Sam's. It cost just over a penny per cup and I was cutting back on cost for a little while. It does seem to help in some locations. Some of them are asking if I can put them back out again. So I may switch to the 2oz if I can stand to put out $20 for the case.

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