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Reject lever error Mei 7500 coin mech


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Hi All ,

Thanks for your help in advance, I am having issue with one of my snack machine AMS39 with mei 7500 coin mech ,the coin return lever is getting stuck.

The error showing on coin mech is reject lever error, I have this spare mei coin mech can I use this coin mech till I get that fixed.

Thanks again for your help.


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4 hours ago, putrevus said:

I just  spoke to AMS they told me it is problem with scavenger system and alignment bracket issue which is their design fault.

We spoke on the phone, but just for the benefit of everyone else:  Your reject lever issue was due to the fact that your alignment was off, and the machine side of the reject mechanism was not releasing the acceptor lid on the coin mech when the customer let go of the outside button.  A reject lever error on those MEI mechs is very often due to a similar issue on the machine side, and does not usually mean the changer has any fault or failure.

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