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I love pre-kit


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When I started this job filling the machines I had never looked inside a machine. It was a nightmare. The guy that did the job before I did would show up and be surrounded by the customers (county jail overflow) and buy help breaking down boxes and other help with product. He also sold stales off the cart. After I rook over it took months to get the party to settle down. Still, it is difficult to learn to properly fill the machine and look for problems and watch the cart to prevent thievery. Then I read, here in this forum, about pre- kit.

This is how I do it.



and this is how I take the kit to the machine. The grey cart is for the first floor and the modified shopping cart is for the second floor. The store room is in the basement. Thank goodness for the elevator.


How do you prekit for a route?

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I use Sterlite white storage drawers from Walmart for all my pre-kits.

They have different sizes too so for example I use the bigger taller ones for chips and the thinner ones for smaller stuff like candy bars.

They work awesome because their stackable and also products never fall out of them once I put them on my 4 wheel dolly.

After I'm done with a location I end up using the remaining stuff in there for my next locations.  I might have to adjust a little such as adding some Doritos since their popular but it gets the job done.   

I have gotten to know my locations so well I can knock out each location in only 1 trip.

I will admit though a few accounts here and there such as the hotel I have is a little harder to predict  as far as what to take with me. They always have different guests but for the most part it's still pretty easy.


One advice I have though is I would not take out all the cans to put them in the black containers.  I find it to be a waste of time as I can just simply take the 12 packs and open them there at the drink machines.  I also take a big plastic bag with me to the location for cardboard.  

I would also be careful with stacking all of those snacks on top of each other in the bins as they can get crushed.  This is also where the Sterlite drawers help.  Some snacks like the Nutrigrain bars are so sensitive I even put them in their own little drawers. 




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