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I am wondering if the forum software has the capability to have a protected section?

I remember that there was a professionals area awhile ago that only certain people were allowed access too... just thought it might be a good idea to have an area on the forum that we could discuss things that we may not want to make available to guests/public like "How to break into a machine" ect

Not sure if this is possible but I thought that I would ask.


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There was a Pro-forum. Had to get permission, or an invite to join. It started off busy, but then is slowed, and I believe eventually died because people quit using it. 

I always felt it defeated the purpose of this forum. Looking through the posts, they really didn't look like anything that wasn't the same thing posted on the regular forum, though people did feel more open about discussing Suppliers and such. Although that also means they can't learn of their problems.

Anyway, I'm not sure there is any reason to hide any of this information. Somebody wants to find out this information, they can. Just search YouTube.

Below is a practice lock I have. Took me minutes to learn how to pick it, and after a couple hours I had it down to 5 seconds without looking at it. (I am a magician, so I have a reason to learn this stuff.) The pick and tension bar that came with it doesn't fit into the barrel locks on my machines.

I think it is fine to learn how to "break" into machines in the regular forum. I learned how to drill out locks on this forum. The big difference is that we want to get into the machines without damaging them, while anyone with an ulterior motive won't be worried about that. They will be using crowbars, hammers and chisels to get in. 


clear-lock (1).jpg


A short while ago, when there was a minor controversy about deleted posts, I played with the idea of creating a completely uncensored, opt in section. But then I worry that any issues people have there might spill over into the regular forums. Not to mention I wasn't sure if I really had a way to guarantee the age of members. Even with needing to sign up, I could see it turning into a problem.

I'm still open to ideas. Are there other things you thought could use a more private discussion?

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