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Best deal on a name brand counter top machine for 1" capsules?


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My kid would go nuts if he had his own gumball machine so I want to get him one.  That way he's not pissing away 1-2 quarters every time we go to the store.  

However, I can't seem to find any new single head, counter top, name brand (oak, beaver, northwestern, etc.) machines for 1" capsules for around or under $100.  


Am I looking in the wrong place or are they not had that cheap?  Also, where can I buy the capsules at?





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3 hours ago, QuikVend said:

Try oakmfg.com.  They have machines for $39 plus shipping. You'd need to buy a lock as well. Are you looking for empty capsules, or filled capsules? 

You have to buy a minimum of 2 machines from Oak. 

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