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Dubble Bubble Being Recalled??

Jax Snacks

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I just spoke to a vendor in Jacksonville, FL.  He told me that two of the Sam's were completely out of stock of Dubble Bubble.   He went to Gainsville (Go Gaters!) to install some equipment and that Sam was also sold out of Dubble Bubble.   The Gainsville staff there told him that the product was recalled!  Don't know yet if this is a nationwide.  I will check my local Sams tomorrow.


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I can understand with the color, I had purchased 10 cases from sams and all of the boxes only had yellow, orange, and white gumballs in the cases, there may have been maybe 20 total of the other colors but it was defiantly skewed. I got in touch with concord confections and they sent me 10 replacement cases that day via fedex so it all worked out great.

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