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AP 223 Coffee How To View Errors


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Just got my 1st coffee machine which is the AP 223 with the built in grinder.

I bought it on location and in a way I regret buying it because coffee machines are so complicated.

At the same time, I feel like I need to learn this business if I want vending to be my full time career haha.

Anyways, I only see 1 numeric keypad which is on the front of the machine.  

The manual says there's an enhanced programming menu which has the F1 F2 F3 e.t.c functions keypad.

Does anyone know where this is located?

I couldn't find it even though the manual I think said something about it being by the black box beside the control board.

I also didn't find the control board button which is usually more obvious on other machines.


My coffee machine is not working because when I bought a cup of coffee it didn't even pour the water.

I want to view the errors as it's showing 2 errors.

The manual is saying I can view the errors from the F1 F2 enhanced programming menu.

On my AP 123 snack mchine, it's just below the regular keypad.

Does my machine even come with one?

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The service keypad you're talking about is on the reverse side of the numeric keypad.  It's on a swing out panel held in place with a magnet.  Here is service manual and the parts manual.



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Yup I found it thanks guys.  It's one of those not so obvious things.

So the 2 errors I found said Hi Temp 1 and High Temp 2.

I got the coffee machine a month ago and shortly after I bought it the machine said the same errors.

The guy I bought the machines from tried to help me and we found out it was a sensor reading issue.

The building cut off their water supply for whatever reason I don't know.

There wasn't any water going into the tank heater.

The previous owner thought the tank heater got burnt and so he ordered $490 worth of parts.

I need to back and see if hopefully it's just a faulty temperature probe.

The machine is set at the factory 200 degrees.

I have the manual with me so I will check it out.

If you guys know of anything or have any experience please let me know.



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