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Bets Sellers?

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HI all! 

I just posted a topic about what sells well, not well, and in-between for me! \

I was wondering what sells good for you guys, especially in Arizona, or in similar climates/the west?


* Rice Krispies, Beef Jerky, and Goldfish seem no good for me. Sure they MIGHT do okay (especially Goldfish and Jerky)... but they take up two spots where I feel like I could almost CERTAINLY find something better!!

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here are some of my evergreens (but you are correct, everywhere is different):

Candy: Snickers, M&M Peanut, Twix, M&M plain

Small snack: Ruffles, Regular lay's, cheez its,

Large snack: Munchies, Cape Cod,  Famous Amos

Others:  Kar's Sweet and Salty mix, sugar wafers

Right now in my rotation Fritos Flavor Twists Honey BBQ and Snyders Honey Mustard and Onion are flying thru the machines.

If vending machines all tend to look alike, it's probably because people want to buy the same types of items....

And a tip for Sams:  If you are looking or new items there, the stock numbers that end with "N" are items that are best sellers that they are never supposed to run out of.  Not all of them will work for you, but they work for a lot of people!


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