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Greener than that Green Babe!


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Hi Guys-

Boy am I glad to have discovered this forum!

I am just starting out; don't even have any machines yet.

Just completing the admin portion of getting the business up (e.g., bank account; branding; website not even done yet; etc).

Once I'm done with that, I can actually start prospecting for business (though I am already thinking about who/where to target).

I have browsed some other threads and found them very helpful.

My plan is to start out with just 2 pop machines, and I have a question:

Can you still make good money (or land accounts) without credit card swipe?  That's what my plan was.

Thanks for any critical advice!

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Yes.  Credit card acceptance is NOT required for vending machines.  You want to target blue collar locations for can soda machines to get started and until you are comfortable with two machines you should not put any more money into a possibly short time business.  Move slowly and learn the ins and outs of vending before jumping in full bore.  Card readers will come much later.

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