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Hello AZVendor


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Posted on another thread a couple days ago that I am looking for a cooling deck for a DN 5591,

You replied:

"Email me and I can send you a new factory unit with one condenser fan.  rbepic4gatgmaildotcom"

I emailed you on Thursday morning - not sure if you got?  I am probably not reading the email correctly - my bad, let me know if you didn't get and I'll try again.

Or you can PM me here on Vendiscuss or send a quote to my email:  abc.vendingathotmaildotcom

The 5591 that needs a new deck has two condensor fans - am guessing the unit you have with one fan will work with some sort of mod or adapter?

Anyway, cash in hand, let me know.




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I have a similar issue when I send emails to AZ.  He is quick to say he will sell you the part you need, but when I email him multiple times at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom he does not respond.  Maybe his email service is unreliable?

Good Luck,



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