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Invested in my First Machines


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Haggled things out with a large local vending business and wound up with 5 used machines.

Two perfectly working Wittern 3500 for $300 each.

A Vendo 721 that (apparently) needs freon, $250.

An old AP SS 6600, $150.

And a really old USI 3037 10B that I bought with a construction site in mind, $60.

I'm honestly toying with the idea of selling the Witterns and Vendo on Craigslist. I think I could make back 2 or 3 times my seed money and maybe invest in better equipment. Still torn on it.

Maybe I'll just list them at a ridiculously high price and then work on locating them. If someone bites before I place them, I could just make a tidy profit...

Thoughts from my favorite group of experts would be welcomed.

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53 minutes ago, AZVendor said:

Keep the two USI 3500s and the Vendo 721.  They are very good machines so why not keep them?

My only reason would be seed money. I was trying to keep my initial investment at $1000 and I went a little bit over on the purchase and fuel costs. I'll need a bit more to purchase product and stock money changers.

I could just allocate more money toward my startup costs, but prefer an option where I don't need to. I always try to hit my business goals.

Therefore, if I sell one of the 3500 for $700-$800, I'd be recouping most of my seed money.

You're right though, I'll make more in the long run if I keep them. Plus, two good machines in the hand are worth five in the proverbial bush.

Sometimes all we need is someone to state the obvious so we can make up our minds.


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Those three machines are two of the more versatile models out there so I wouldn't sell them if you are in this for good.  Even if you decide to get out later they are good machines to sell since they are late models.

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