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Upgrading 1800 Vending bulk machines to 50¢ vends


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Sorry for the cross-post if you are a member of VendingNation on Facebook.

A few weeks ago I posted asking whether anyone knew of a supplier who sold 50¢ coin mechs that were compatible with 1800 Vending triple-head bulk machines (like the one pictured). There are some products where 50¢ vends make more sense, and over time more products will be moving in that direction.

I didn’t have any luck finding anyone selling compatible 50¢ mechs, so necessity became the mother of invention. I took apart one of my coin mechs and after numerous iterations and tweaks, I’ve successfully designed and 3D-printed a replacement part that converts a 25¢ mech into a 50¢ mech. I’ve attached a photo of a printed replacement part alongside the original one. Replacing with a metal part would be ideal, but I’ve so far been impressed with the performance and durability of the plastic replacement component that I’ve created. Below there's also a video I made depicting the process of swapping out the components; it takes about 5 mins if you're comfortable taking apart the coin mech.

I’m writing to find out whether one or two other people out there using similar 1800 machines would have an interest in informally helping me test this pricing mod. If you’re up for it, leave a comment or send me a PM and we can connect further from there.







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