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Price change on Vendo 576


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I want to change the price on one selection. I found these instructions in a post from last year.


You need to press the service mode button on the logic board to enter the programming.  Then press select button 1 to scroll down through the menus and stopping at COST.  At COST you'll press select button 2 to enter that menu.  You may now press any selection button that you wish to change and the display should show SL X .00 meaning Selection X will be changed and you have not yet changed the display from .00.  Now press that same select button to move your pricing up .05 at a time.  If you go too far or need to set a lower price then press button 1 again and the price will drop .05 at a time.  Once you have arrived at the desired price you may move to another selection button and change it's price.  When you are finished changing prices then press your service mode button once or close your door and the prices will be saved.

Verify the pricing by pressing each selection button and the current pricing will be displayed.  Keep in mind that if all prices are set the same then your credit display will always show that price.  If you have any one price different from the others then your static display will be .00 until any credit is inserted.


If I can't make this work I'll revisit this post tomorrow.


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