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What size bags are everyone using in their snack machines?


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This is a rather commonly discussed topic here.  You can search for the topic and find the discussions, but the general consensus is mixed.  Some prefer smaller bags.  Some prefer larger bags.  Some people (like myself) sell both.  There isn't really an overwhelming favorite between the two (or a combination).  My personal recommendation is to stick with LSS if you can get a steady supply and sell them for as close to $1.00 as you can without issue (depending on your area).  The margin, at $1.00, exceeds the margin (per bag) on smaller chips by about double, and having such a price point makes a lot of sense for various reasons.  However, if you are small like many people are, small bags may be better as you can often find a better variety at wholesale clubs and grocery stores than you can with LSS.  I may switch to all LSS in the future, but it's hard to say.  The truth is, when you put small AND large in the same machine, different accounts will sell more of one size than the other and it is never consistent.

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