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That is an International Brand squat 12 oz cup with Texas Holdem printed on it.  Assuming you will keep vending 12 oz cups you can change to tall 12 oz cups that are narrower and taller.  If you do that then you have to make an adjustment to you cup ring so it would be easier to just stick with squat cups.  Even if you change brands of squat cups you will still need to adjust the cup ring to prevent double or zero cup drops from occurring.

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Actually, That cup is taller and narrower than the cups my boss ordered to replace them with. The boss of my boss doesn't want the Texas Hold'em cups, because the customers are here to do recovery from self damaging behaviors. Many drug addicts turn to gambling to replace the drugs.

The problem with the squat cups is that there isn't enough room between the back wall of the cup cabinet ant the center wire of the cup spiral and the stack of cups sticks and between them and causes problems with feeding cups to the dispenser. 

Is it possible to adjust the side walls out to increase that distance. 

I'm going to work now and I will get some pictures to show what I mean.

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The brown cup is the squat 12 oz. cup and the Texas Hold'em cup is the cup 12 oz. cup that works. The question now becomes more complicated.

This is a 213 so it is a two size cup machine. The company wants to run it with a 12 oz. cup of coffee for $.25. Then, once they know that it runs they will forbid coffee brewing on the floor.

This is a picture of the end of the cabinet closest to the door. When it came from the factory it was set up for the small cups.


This is the cabinet closest to you when you open the machine door. It was set up for the big cups.


Right now I have both cabinets set up with the spirals as far forward as they can be set, but the small cup cabinet isn't deep enough to put the squat cups in. They still hang up between the back of the cabinet and the center wire in the spiral and won't feed to the cup dispenser.

I need that capacity because these guys will drink a couple hundred cups of coffee in two days, at least. One cabinet won't hold enough cups to get through a weekend from Friday afternoon to Monday noon.



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15 hours ago, vendingstartup said:

I'm thinking of getting into this business venture. How do you guys find the competition in your area? Is it highly competitive or are you guys the only people in your local area doing this?

You should post in the 'Welcome new Members' Forum.

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