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How To Get EVA DTS Data From Vending Device?


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Hi community :)


This is my first post in die forum, please tell me about any mistake I made during this post ;)

I am a happy new owner of a Saeco Cristallo 400 device which is used and has selling data in it. I have full access to the machine.

I am trying to access this data which is saved in EVA DTS file format. But I don't have to knowledge how to do this?

What I know:
The mainboard of the device has some open connection ports (like MDB, BDV, I²C) and I have to connections cables which are probably MDB and BDV.
I want to read the data using my notebook. How can I convert the ports to something like USB oder RS232? Is there any recommendable hardware? Which software can/shall I use?

Furthermore, I was searching for a technical documentation of the circuit board, but only found to common usage instructions.


I guess this is not a question regarding a specific machine as EVA DTS is standard. 

Does anyone have information about that?

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I got a bit further in this topic:

Using a MDB-to-USB Converter I am able to send commands from my PC to the machine and I am receiving answers from the device. Does anyone know the correct commands to receive the EVA DTS file?

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Sometimes you need a harness that plugs into the board. I have made one up for an AP machine. Some machines do not have these capabilities, so you would need to study the machine manual or contact the manufacturer.

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