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Crane 797 food module

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i have a Crane 797 combo configured with the refrigerated “food” module and when I attempt to test a selection in that module I get  a “close door” message?  I have never seen this error message before and the main machine and food doors are closed.

Can anyone help?



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Not able to search or look through a manual?  http://www.dsvendinginc.com/images/pdf-manuals/nv18.pdf  Page 118, items 4 and 8.  Keep in mind that if the door is actually closed and the lever is actuating the switches is can still be one or both bad switches.  If new switches don't fix it then you have an issue in the wiring or the logic in the machine.

Programming manual: http://www.vend-resource.com/sites/default/files/national_167-8_267-8_764-5_784-9_797-9_prog_manual.pdf

Operations manual: http://www.vend-resource.com/sites/default/files/national_167-8_177_457-8_764-5_784-7_oper_manual.pdf

You have a National machine so unless you have the original spare parts bag for this machine you won't have a wiring diagram.  There is also a dearth of troubleshooting guides for National machines so you may have to call them for help if it's not just a switch problem.  These issues with National machines is why I never operated any National stuff myself among my 300 machines. 

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Thanks AZ,,,


i didn’t know what I was looking for,,,so appreciate the help.  Are these switches easily accessible to change?  I am not an experienced vendor so manuals are tough for me to learn from,,,the door mechanism (lever) on this machine was not functional when I purchased this machine and it is a screw that holds the door closed..it has worked fine for 3 years but only recently has the « close door » message come up.  The diagnostic was « no errors » but now the problem.  I guess I’ll have to order these switches and see if it fixes the issue.




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