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Newbie to the site. Claw machine split with business owner?

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I have purchased a few quarter pushers over the past couple of years and I have a pepsi machine at a local brewery. I just purchased my first claw/crane machine and I'm not sure what the going rate is for the business owner (pizza restaurant). I bought the toy taxi and a generic mix of plush and a spike ball mix. How much is fair to the business owner? 30%-40% ? I pay 50% on my quarter pushers but I don't have the overhead like with the plush and balls. This is my first post and any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Welcome to the forum.


You are right that you need to take into account your cost of goods when factoring in revenue split. So, it depends on your win rate on the claw. I pay 20 % and explain to the venue that it is better to be more generous with prizes, so people play it more when they see people winning, rather than offering a bigger split and then being stingy on the win rate. Aim for 30 % cost of prizes. Where I am there is a franchise that offers venues more revenue share, but has the win rates lower. So, you need to explain that winning customers are happy and repeat customers (and will attract others to play who may not have otherwise).

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