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Clean Sweep claw and board issues

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I have an older Clean Sweep claw machine that has a few issues all centering aIMG-2717.thumb.JPG.6b474cf4bfa9349b4ea38af00a38a751.JPGround the claw and lack of power.

Every thing but the claw works.

The board has been modified, repaired or just plain messed with.

The voltage to the claw at the terminal block is only 1.5 volts upon dropping the claw. It should be between 33 - 68 volts.

The voltage at the potentiometer is 1.9v at one end and zero at the other.

I have tried to connect the claw directly to the board at J1-8 (green) and J1-20 White/blue but still no activation.

The damaged area has been soldered so much that I'm surprised the crane even moves.

Bottom line - repair the board (and by whom) or buy another board from someone ( I'm open to ideas. )



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Given the info and pictures provided, if I had to guess I'd say a failed capacitor (or two) or any issue with power regulation off the power supply. That it's getting any power at all though is encouraging, though whether it's worth your time to mess with and fix is a question only you can answer.

As for the "patched" area, it looks like some corrosion has eaten up some of the traces, and they've been rerouted at least once before. On equipment that has existing repairs like this, you'll want to check and see if the rerouting still works, as patches like this will eventually fail to corrosion of their own given the right conditions.

If there's no connection, you've likely found your problem. If there is a connection, at least you can rule this out as the culprit. Beyond that, if you're going to go ahead and fix it, I'd settle down with the multimeter and start checking parts off from the power supply on out towards the claw circuitry until you find where your voltage has likely gone to.

Good luck!

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2 hours ago, Watervillain said:

Thanks for the info. Time to get the multimeter out.

I'm assuming that the gantry is working fine and the claw drops but just isn't closing. I agree with you to get the meter out and check for continuity throughout and you should be able to narrow down where the problem area is. Check the coil and connection to the crane head as that is where alot of failures/shorts occur. I know this is elementary but make sure all of the fuses are good and the potentiometer is cranked up as well. If you run through it all and it appears to be isolated to the board here is smarts website:



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