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Hello there. I have about 10 of the Coinmechs Mars6800H for single price vending machine. All of them are bad and I collected them throughout the years.. I was wondering is there is a comon failure part in the board that is prone to fail..Most of my coinmechs have not broken  coin acceptance magnets and I watched a youtube video on how to calibrate them.. However it does not help..  There must be a diode or resistor or capacitor in that board that goes bad but I could not find any info on that..(I know for example that vn2511 bill validator has a one bad spot in the board and that is a capacitor 470mf 35v and I soder and fixed several of them)...this mars6800h are relativly spendy in refurbished condition-but I know it is not Rocket Science and there is a comon problem due to age or use.. Anyone knows anything about that.?  Every input is Greatly Appreciated..Thank you..

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