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Vendo 570 and 16.9oz bottles

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I'm generally not a Vendo fan, but I have not had many problems vending 16.9oz bottles in Vendos.  That being said, I can't remember what the stack looks like on that machine.  

If it's what I am thinking of, the few jams I have had (diet drinks freezing), it was somewhat more involved in clearing the jam in that you have to remove the bottle & then rotate the motor backwards until the gates (I can't remember the correct term for those) reset.  It has been a very rare occasion though.  

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If I understand right, the 570 comes in multiple versions.  I think it will vend 16.9 oz bottles either way but you'll need can shims if it's the newer style 570 (vmax) and it's currently setup for 20 oz bottles.  Otherwise, if it's setup for cans, you just need to adjust the cam.  I'm guessing the older style will only fit 1-deep and the newer style will fit 2-deep but I don't know for sure.

Can you be more specific with which 570 it is?  From my research, there is a 570D (old style) and 570P (later version).  

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