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Royal 480-6 parts


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I am in need of an eprom for this machine. Control board is the same as the 660 but the eprom allows it to recognize only six motors instead of 12. 

Royal could not provide the part and an upgrade board is over $350. Anybody have one of these machines and you want to part with a part???

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The 480-6 is quite similar to the 660, but instead of 12 columns (6 in front and 6 behind those), there are only six columns with six motors vending four cans deep. 

The eprom from the 660 will test vend the motors if you select selections 7-12, but machine will behave as if sold out during normal operation since there are no selections numbering 7-12.

I attempted to order the eprom from Royal who then cancelled the order when they found that the chip was no longer available.

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Unfortunately I don't know of anywhere to get that... but I think $350 for a new board is pretty good.  I would like to get newer boards for my Royal 650's because they don't report cash sales and they don't seem to play too well with newer mechs/validators either.  Unfortunately, you can't upgrade the eproms on these boards above version 4 if they are currently 1-4.  You can only upgrade them if they are version 5 or higher, which means you need a board that already has eprom 5 or higher OR a the latest style board.  I should contact them myself to see how much the newest boards are for the 650...  I think I also need some type of adapter harnesses too.

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